Arizona Auto Insurance QuotesSafe Driving Course?

Who could forget the days of Driver’s Ed—those first weeks behind the wheel of a car with your teacher and few other classmates. If you did something right, you’d get a compliment and if you screwed up, well, your friends would razz you.  Would you go back to that kind of course?

What if you knew you would get lower auto insurance rates if you took a driving education course?   Courses in defensive driving and safe driving are available to adults. Especially if you’re an older adult, it would be smart to take one as it could lower your car insurance rates.

Save Money on Car Insurance

A cut rate on auto insurance is a key reason to take a driving safety course.  Car insurance companies figure that reminding you of safe driving techniques will pay off on the road. You’ll have fewer accidents and of course, fewer claims.  They love drivers who present less of an insurance risk.

Aggressive Driving is a Mistake

Stories about people getting angry on the road—road rage—are horrifying.  Defensive driving is key to staying safe—assume that the other drivers will make mistakes and do what you can to leave yourself a safety margin. And do not ever get angry on the road—not only is it distracting, but you never know what another driver could do to retaliate. Don’t take another driver’s bad move personally. Defensive driving courses teach you all about how to handle these situations.

Tune Up Driving Skills

Of course we know how to drive, right? Because we think we know how, we tend to cut corners. We think we’ll still be safe. So we don’t signal a turn. Or don’t always look when moving across lanes.  A refresher course could help remind us of the basics that we don’t do, but should, to avoid accidents..

  Good for Your Driving Record

Some states say that if you get a ticket and take a driver safety course you can reduce the number of points on your license or prevent them from going on your record. This is such a no-brainer—a moving violation could raise your car insurance rates. Why not take a course instead?

Senior Drivers Need the Reminder

Driver over 50 do have a tougher time focusing. They are more easily distracted. Their reactions aren’t as quick. AARP has a very good course—sometimes taught by other seniors who are safe drivers.